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Thanks for visiting the SINDO Hompage.
Since establishment, Sindo has to be exclusively manufacturing automotive components over 30 years
and we are try to developing production based on continuous management innovation, accumulated experiences
and superior technology. Also, we are stabilization by customer supporting infrastucture structured through
systematic specialists.

21st century can be called highest technological world as well as global intellingence age, that industry is such as an

Precision-parts, Digital and Bio-tech required extreme competitiveness and a high degree of technical innovation.
Welcome global intelligence age, we will invest for the future knowledge industry by freely :
make continuous efforts in technology improvement for the customers and value creation, under the company' slogan :
"Do improve oneself", "Do harmonize with company" and " Do impress Customers."
All peoples in Sindo are doing best to make steady process toward the company to impress customers along
with strong responsibility & ownership/ We hope your continuous interests and supports, we promise to continue
our efforts to be the 'world's best cold-forging company in 21st century.