Research performance

Research performance

Research and development name : Reaction Shaft

Manufacturing method of reaction shaft of an oil pump for vehicle transmissions. Reaction shaft of the oil pump for vehicle transmissions
formed by this. The present invention is the manufacturing method of reaction shaft of the oil pump for vehicle transmissions which form gear
by alternating the gear section and the lubrication section in the end zone and is about the reaction shaft of the oil pump for vehicle
transmissions through this.

Reaction Shaft

Research and development name : Damper pulley manufacturing method

The present invention is about the manufacturing method of damper pulley which prevents materials from being overlapped or cracked
through the gradual forging forming process and can increase the productivity and at he same time, gain in price competitiveness.

Automotive engine damper pulley

The core part which powers gener-
ators and air conditioner compres-
sors by driving an engine valve
switch and a water pump with the
rotatory force in the engine
through the crank axis.

It plays a role of damping and con-
troling torsion and vibration.

Securing steady stiffness and ab-
sorbing torsion, flexing, and vibra-
tion are essential for the damper
pulley as the part that explosion
pressure of engines is transferred.

Structural chart of the engine and the diagram of the damper pulley


The present invention realizes simplified processes, minimizes the mount of materials used, and provides the effect to achieve economy by reducing defective

Proprietary name: Method for manufacturing strike-bar of automobile and apparatus for manufacturing the same

The present invention provides promotes improvement of the productivity by reducing production time, achieve economy by reducing the cost of production,
improve formability of strike-bars, and at the same time provides the effect to make a contribution to quality improvement of products by improving durability.

Proprietary name: Method for forming mounting pipe, and Mounting pipe formed by it

The present invention is the method for forming mounting pipes. This minimizes the amount of mounting pipe materials used and provides the effect to achieve
economy by reducing defective products.

Proprietary name: Automobile mounting pipe manufacture method

The present invention improved processes to enable simpler, more solid, and more effective manufacture than the past products.

Forming analysis
Volume metal form-
ing process struc-
tural analysis of 3D
simulation mold
Constant research and
Maximization of competitiveness Technological standardization
- Development of new products
   and technologies
- Analyses of the mold structure
   and improvement of processes
- Patent administration
- Authentication
   information management
- Customer satisfaction quality control
- Cost reduction by analyzing the structures
   of parts (msc analysis)
- Standardization of part and
   mold drawings
- Standardization of technical data

Reaction Shaft Forming analyses by process

Effective deformation rate by process, effective stress by process


Forming analysis process of damper pulley

High strength weight lightening metal forming

Development of high speed heating technology and automated supply equipment optimized for warm forming of high
strength weight lightening metal, organizational control and preprocessing technology, technological development of
manufacturing process of high strength weight lightening metal parts which utilizes key element technologies including
mold design

Mimetic diagram of developing weight lightening forming parts by the warm forming method
Automotive AI alloy Inner Rod
Automotive Ti alloy
connecting rod bolt
aerial Ti alloy
hexagonal headed bolt