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According to the Personal Information Protection Act, ("") has the following measures to protect users' personal information and protect their personal information and their rights and interests and to smoothly deal with their personal information-related to the Personal Information Protection Act.

('SINDO CO,.LTD') When the company revises its personal information processing policy, it will notify it through the website notice (or individual notice).

○ This policy will take effect on January 1, 2020.

1. Purpose of processing personal information ('' or '(SINDO CO,.LTD)Personal information is processed for the following purposes. Personal information processed will not be used for any purpose other than the following purposes, and prior consent will be sought if the purpose of use is changed.

A. Signing up and managing the homepage

Personal information is processed for product inquiry and estimation purposes.

2. Status of personal information files

1. Personal information file name: Personal information
- Personal information item : Email, mobile phone number, name, company name
- Collection method : Homepage
- Basis for retention : Policies
- Retention period : 1 year
- Relevant statutes : Records on the collection, processing, use, etc. of credit information: 3 years

3. Processing and retention period of personal information

('SINDO CO,.LTD') Personal information is processed and retained within the period of possession or use of personal information or the period of use agreed upon when collecting personal information from the information subject.

② Each personal information processing and retention period is as follows.

4. Matters concerning the provision of personal information to third parties

('SINDO CO,.LTD') Personal information shall be provided to third parties only if it falls under Articles 17 and 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act, such as consent of the information subject and special provisions of the law.

('SINDO CO,.LTD') We provide personal information to third parties as follows.

- Person who receives personal information : SINDO CO,.LTD
- Purpose of the recipient's personal information : Email, mobile phone number, name, company name
- Retention of the recipient.Service period : 1 year

5. Personal Information Processing Consignment

('SINDO CO,.LTD') For smooth handling of personal information, we entrust personal information processing as follows.

('' ('SINDO CO,.LTD') In accordance with Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act, matters concerning the liability, such as prohibition of personal information processing, technical and administrative protection measures, restrictions on re-entrustment, management and supervision of the trustee, and damages, are stipulated in the contract and the trustee is supervising the safe handling of personal information.

③ If the details of the consignment work or the trustee is changed, we will disclose it through this personal information processing policy without delay.
6. The rights, duties, and users of the exercise method of information subject and legal representative may exercise the following rights as the subject of personal information.

① The information subject may exercise his/her right to view, correct, delete, or request suspension of processing of personal information at any time.
② The exercise of rights under paragraph (1) can be carried out in writing, e-mail, or facsimile (FAX) pursuant to Article 41 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act, and Shin Do-eun Co., Ltd. will take action without delay.
③ The exercise of rights under paragraph (1) may be carried out through an agent, such as a legal representative of the information subject or a delegated person. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney in attached Form 11 of the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Information Protection Act.
④ Requests for personal information access and suspension of processing may restrict the rights of the information subject pursuant to Articles 35 (5) and 37 (2) of the Personal Information Protection Act.
⑤ A request for correction or deletion of personal information shall not be requested if the personal information is specified as the subject of collection in other statutes.
⑥ ('SINDO CO,.LTD') The person who made the request for perusal according to the right of the information subject, the request for correction or deletion, and the request for suspension of processing shall be verified whether he/she or his/her legitimate agent.
7. Preparation of personal information items to be processed
('' ('SINDO CO,.LTD') The following personal information items are being processed.
- Required items : email, mobile phone number, name, company name
- Optional items :

8. Destruction of personal information ('SINDO CO,.LTD') In principle, when the purpose of processing personal information is achieved, the personal information will be destroyed without delay. The procedure, deadline, and method of destruction are as follows.

-Destruction procedure
The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB (separate documents in the case of paper) after the purpose is achieved, and is stored for a certain period of time or immediately destroyed in accordance with internal policies and other related laws. At this time, the personal information transferred to the DB is not used for other purposes unless it is required by law.

-Destruction period
When the personal information of the user has elapsed, within 5 days from the end of the retention period, when the personal information becomes unnecessary, such as achievement of the purpose of processing personal information, abolition of the service, termination of business, etc. The personal information will be destroyed within 5 days from the date it is recognized as unnecessary to process.

-How to destroy
Information in the form of electronic files uses a technical method that cannot reproduce the record.
Personal information printed on paper is destroyed by shredding or incineration.

9. Matters concerning the installation, operation and rejection of the automatic collection device

① Shindo Co., Ltd. In order to provide personalized services, we use ‘cookies’ that store usage information and retrieve it from time to time. ② Cookies are a small amount of information sent to the user's computer browser by the server (http) used to operate the website, and may be stored on the hard disk in the user's PC computer. end. Purpose of use of cookies: It is used to provide optimized information to users by identifying the types of visits and usage, popular search terms, secure access, etc. for each service and website visited by the user. I. Installation, operation and rejection of cookies: You can refuse to store cookies by setting options in the Tools> Internet Options> Personal Information menu at the top of the web browser. All. If you refuse to store cookies, you may experience difficulties in using customized services.

10. Personal information protection manager

① 'SINDO CO,.LTD.' ('' ('SINDO CO,.LTD') The person in charge of personal information protection is designated as follows to take full responsibility for the handling of personal information and to handle complaints and relief from damages of the information subject related to personal information processing.

▶ Personal Information Protection Officer
Name : Kim Young-il
Position : Team Leader
Position : Manager
Contact : +82-53-582-6350,, +82-53-582-6353
※ It is connected to the department in charge of personal information protection.

▶ Department in charge of personal information protection
Department Name : Computer Team
Person in charge : Kim Young-il
Contact : +82-53-582-6350,, +82-53-582-6353
② The information subject is'Shindo Co., Ltd.' (''('SINDO CO,.LTD')) all personal information protection related inquiries, complaints, damage relief, etc. You can contact the department:'SINDO CO,.LTD' (''('SINDO CO,.LTD') We will respond to and handle inquiries from the information subject without delay.

11. Changes to the privacy policy

①This personal information processing policy is applied from the effective date, and if there are any additions, deletions, or corrections in accordance with laws and policies, we will notify you through the notice from 7 days before the enforcement of the changes.

12. Measures to ensure the safety of personal information ('SINDO CO,.LTD') In accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the following technical, administrative and physical measures are taken to ensure safety.

1. Conduct regular self-audit
We conduct our own audits on a regular basis (quarterly) to ensure the safety of handling personal information.
2. Minimization and training of personnel handling personal information
We are implementing measures to manage personal information by designating employees who handle personal information and minimizing them by limiting them to the person in charge.

3. Technical measures against hacking, etc.
('SINDO CO,.LTD') An area where access is controlled from outside by installing a security program and performing periodic updates and inspections to prevent leakage and damage of personal information by hacking or computer viruses. The system is installed in the system and technically/physically monitored and blocked.

4. Storage of access records and prevention of forgery
We store and manage records of access to the personal information processing system for at least 6 months, and use security functions to prevent forgery, theft, and loss of access records.

5. Restricted access to personal information
Necessary measures are taken to control access to personal information by granting, changing, and canceling access rights to the database system that processes personal information, and unauthorized access from outside is controlled by using an intrusion prevention system.

6. Use of locking device for document security
Documents containing personal information and auxiliary storage media are stored in a safe place with a lock.

7. Access control for unauthorized persons
A separate physical storage place for storing personal information is established and access control procedures are established and operated.


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