Documents to be Submitted

Document Review

Application form


ast school certificate and graduation certificate
(for new employees)
Qualifications and language proficiency
(only for holders) copy

Successful applicants notified

ID card

Support Scheme

Online application support

· By mail : 164, National Industrial Complex 39gil, Dalseonggun, Daegu - Sindo Jobs dangdamja front
· TEL : +82-53-582-6350
· FAX : +82-53-582-6353
· Check the details of each exam and job name in the job posting when pilhi support

Preferential treatment

Fluent preferred language

Related credential holders preferential treatment

Common application qualification

It must be able to hold basic computer-related knowledge and utilization.

You must own the customer-oriented service mindset.

There is no discrimination on gender.

There is no reason for disqualification to travel abroad, and this fact should avoid military service.


Announcement : Individual advice

By mail is subject to the deadline as long dochakbun.

The submitted documents will not be returned, Do not use anything other than the purpose of adoption.

Education and experience requirements listed on the job application, etc.

If the items mentioned are confirmed to be false, you can cancel the acceptance and incidence.

Other employment-related questions is recruiters (+82-53-582-6350) Please contact.